Bowook Yoon

Color Tracker

Client: Pantone


73 percent of people who misuse opioids get their pills without the prescription.
Prescription opioids are illegally sold online, on the street, and even from their friends very easily.


PANTONE present Color Tracker, a new identification system for opioids users.
Pantone can create countless color codes by combining their colors. These color codes will be used as opioid users' new ID. And, by partnering with big chain pharmacies, they will get the pills that are dyed using Pantone's special printer with edible inks of their given colors.


Color Tracker will hugely decrease the opioid black markets and eventually prevent opioid misuse.


Creativity Awards: Bronze / Data Visualization

Adstars International Awards: TBD

Full Credits:

Art Director: Bowook Yoon, Ha Jung Song